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Academic Year: 2017 - 2018

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Calendar Import Instructions for:


1. Be sure that the timezone is set correctly on your computer and in your calendar application. The ICS calendar files are set for the Mountain Timezone.


In the list to the left are links to files output from the UCD School of Medicine Curriculum Calendars. The files are formatted as "internet calendar" files, which means they will import into most calendar utilities which recognize the 'iCalendar' format. We've tested the calendar files with Google Calendar, iCal on the Mac, and Outlook 2007 on Windows. The files will most likely work with other calendar programs as well.

Import to Google Calendar:

[WARNING: Google Calendar is buggy, so use it at your own risk! It randomly fails to load some events from the subscription file. Also, existing events may spontaneously and randomly disappear from your calendar. If you decide to use Google Calendar, be sure to verify it often against the official calendar in Canvas.]

First navigate to the Google Calendar main page. In the left margin, under "Other calendars", click "Add". Then select "Add by URL".

When the next screen appears, enter (or copy and paste) the URL of the calendar you would like to add. Notice the "webcal://" instead of the usual "http://" for web links. This allows Google Calendar to "subscribe" to the calendar and automatically update it when changes are made.

When you click "Add Calendar", the curriculum sessions will be added to your Google Calendar.

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Import to Apple iCal:

On the Mac, just click on the link in your browser and the following requester will pop up:

Next, click on "Choose" to select an application with which to view the calendar. From your Applications list select "iCal":

The next prompt will verify that you want to subscribe to the calendar. Click "Subscribe" to continue to import the calendar:

The final step for importing the calendar is to select a time period for refreshing the calendar data. For now, just choose "every day" as the calendar will only be refreshed once a day.

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Import to Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Part A:

The caveat with Outlook is that version 2003 doesn't support the iCalendar format as well as 2007, so Outlook 2007 is the recommended version to use. These instructions are only for the 2007 version.

If you've got Outlook 2007 installed on your computer and you use Internet Explorer, this procedure works effortlessly. (If you use Firefox, there is one more step, as indicated in Part B below.) Just click on the link to start Outlook and show this requester:

Click "Yes" and the curriculum calendar is quickly added to your list of "Other Calendars":

And the sessions appear as typical calendar appointments:

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Import - Part B:
With Firefox, if you haven't yet assigned an application to open "webcal" links, you will get this requester when you first click the link:

Click the "Microsoft Office Outlook" listing to select it, and also click "Remember my choice for webcal links." so that this selection won't have to be made for the other links. Click "OK" to continue the import procedure, which from this point will be exactly like the Outlook 2007 import procedure in Part A.

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